Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is SkyLink?

  A. SkyLink is the central IT-hub that connects all SkyTeam members in a standard way, using web-services.
      SkyLink channels the requests between SkyTeam member systems according to business rules and converts different message-types if needed.
Q2. What is SkyLink LAMS and 'SkyLink LAMS Webinterface'?

  A.  SkyLink LAMS (Lounge Access Management Service) is a overall service, which performs real-time checks at the e-ticket/FFP databases 
       of SkyTeam members on the eligibility for Lounge access, based on SkyTeam-rules.
SkyLink LAMS Webinterface is the web-based tool for lounge agents. This tool is integrated with the SkyLink LAMS. Q3. What is 'Username'? A. Your email address used at the time of SkyLink LAMS Webinterface user account creation is your 'Username' to login to SkyLink LAMS Webinterface application. Q4. What is PASSCODE? A. A PASSCODE is a unique code generated automatically after putting your PIN in software token application. Q5. What is SecurID PIN? A. SecurID PIN is Personal Identification Number provided to every user for login. Q6. How do I reset my SecurID PIN? A. If you are a logging in for the first time then you will be prompted for resetting your PIN. If you are not a first time user, please contact to clear your PIN to reset it. Q7. 'Authentication Error' while logging on to the site? A. Make sure you have entered the correct PASSCODE displayed on the software token application. If you are still experiencing the issue try the below steps -Close the browser and try again -Clear the cookies and try again -The account might be locked, wait for 15 minutes and try again If problem persist after performing the above steps please contact Q8. What is the minimum and maximum PIN length which I can set? A. The minimum PIN length should be 4, only numbers. The maximum PIN length should be 8 numbers. Q9. What will happen if I do not use my SkyLink LAMS Webinterface user account for long duration? A. Support team will monitor all the user accounts, if the user account has not been used for more the 3 months duration support team will deactivate it. Q10. I forgot my SecurID PIN and unable to login what should i do? A. Please fill the user request template available at SkyTeam User request template and send an E-mail from your registered E-mail id to . Support team will respond with a new SecureID PIN for you. Q11. I lost my .sdtid file and not able to install RSA SecurID what should i do? A. Please fill the user request template available at SkyTeam User request template Get approval mail from SPOC. Send an E-mail from your registered E-mail id to with the request template and approval mail from SPOC (Single Point Of Contact). Support team will send you a new .sdtid file.